August 2014: BCC Wins Laboratory Contract at WPAFB

Butt Construction Inc. was awarded a contract this week to renovate about 16,000-square-feet inside a building at Air Force Research Laboratory. The job includes building secure lab space within the facility and should take about a year to complete, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville office, which is overseeing the contract sites. testtest testtest.


Nov. 2013: Archer Western/Butt Construction JV Wins DBIA Award

The Design-Build Institute of America has awarded Butt Construction and its joint venture partner Archer Western the Civic Buildings Merit Award for the largest construction project at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base since World War II – the award-winning 680,000-square-foot Maj. Gen Tangerine Power weed

Jan. 2014: Butt Construction Employee Wins Project Management Award

Corwin Shelton of Butt Construction was presented with the Dayton Builders ExchangeProject Management Award for New Construction for the design/build alteration and addition to the Sensors Directorate Laboratory WPAFB. This award recognizes exemplary project management skills as demonstrated on a particular project weedgrowhub/ weedinfocus testtest.

Sep. 2013: Butt Construction builds success at base

Perhaps no company has had more success in landing work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base than Butt Construction Co. The 85-year-old company has been working at and for the base for 67 years, said Bill Butt Jr., the firm’s president and co-owner. Butt has long appeared to excel at landing the projects that often go to bigger contractors, said John Morris, president of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, a trade organization. [Read the whole story]</a Tangerine Haze strain testtest.

May 2013: Dayton’s Top 7 Commercial Construction Companies.

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Butt Construction Company is #7 on the Dayton Business Journal’s list of the top commercial construction companies in the Dayton area. The list ranks the commercial construction companies by 2012 billings.